Monday, 16 September 2013

My Lovely Stockings and Squishy have Finally Arrived!!

Posted by Chieko Misaki at 17:20
Exams are around the corner and I'm kinda bored just studying and doing work all day, but what do people expect? I mean youngsters should move about while they have energy HAHAHAHA.

So last night was the last night(oops) of the September holidays, which is REALLY sad, since now that it's Term 4 we have come to the period of mugging like shit because students being students have year end exams. Which awesomely sucks. Dammit. 

Well I just had to enjoy what little holiday I had left before that happens so I finally got to spend time with my mom, doing a facial mask and lying down beside each other without talking LOL.

But I'm not going to post a picture of any of that, mainly 'cause it's just too unglam ha!

Anyway, as usual, I have been blogshopping for random stuff again, though most of it is for the AFA. They has not arrived yet as of now QAQ. 

I bought a White Kapibarasan Bun Squishy, but I'm wondering if I should just sell it away cos impulse buys

Putting it on a Valvrave the Liberator file cuz floor tiles ain't that nice ~ 

Man it's so cute and all but every time I think about how I'm ever gonna use this foam makes me kinda sad that I paid much for a shaped sponge.

Recently I also bought some really cool bones stockings/tights from this really nice Carousell seller. I think she's into things Japan. Well me too!

I don't really know the brand but this is really cute. Kawaii. Whatever it's just cute blub.

The packaging looks kinda old but it's actually just been kept for some time whoops. Time to try it out.

Oh my looks kinda white here

Here the stockings are closer to original colour.

It's free sized, and the stockings actually makes my legs look skinnier yay! One thing I like about stockings/tights is that it covers up my legs which also covers up all those ugly scars and tan and whatnot.

Okay that's all for now, kinda just had nothing to do oops


p/s: I don't think I've showed you all the ice cream and snack hoodie yet but it's a damn flavorful lookin piece of cloth 


Well another squishy package that I had ordered around the same time as the Kapibarasan Bun arrived just only, and it makes me wonder why I spend so much on squishies once again. 

And then I realized it's because it's so cute ;-;

I bought the item off Carousell from a seller called Rainbowpastelxx, and she sent it to me wrapped with so much bubble wrap and she even gave me deco tape for free what a nice person

And after the bubble wrap is another plastic packaging. Taped together with kawaii Rilakkuma tape awwww my feels

And tadaaa! My Aoyama Tokyo Chocolate Melon Bread. It's so squishy :3

I'm thinking if I should sell off some of my squishies because I'm really spending too much urgh and there's a Café Sakura Creampuff on it's way here now. What to do when everything is so cute


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