Wednesday, 13 November 2013

AFA2013 Singapore

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Hi everyone! It's been long since my last post (oops!).

So recently this years' Anime Festival Asia 2013 was held at Suntec City Convention Centre. The place was easier to move about and find stuff compared to the Expo hahaha!

Also, since I brought more money this year, I took the chance to attend the 2nd nights' "I <3 Anisong" concert, featuring LiSA, Eir Aoi, Milky Holmes and May'n! It was my first time attending a concert, and it was really fun, the fans weren't rowdy and it was really cool to watch everybody swinging their glowstick in sync. Except for one guy standing in front of me lol! He was holding a bunch of glowsticks and dancing with it.

My ticket and glowstick :D

So then besides the concert, the exhibition hall was crowded with human jams everywhere.

This is just part of it okay QAQ There were so many freebies up for redemption, however now that I think about it I didn't redeem anything D: There were so many cosplayers and I managed to take a picture with famous cosplayer, YingTze! *fangirls*

Ignore my retarded self, YingTze is looking awesome haha!

Oh  not to forget, there was someone cos-ing as the Colossal Titan from Shingeki no Kyojin. HAHA!

And there was this cool model of Valvrave the Liberator's 01 unit~

Damn cool *^*

Lol there wasn't anything about Boku no Pico this year, not that I like the damn anime though. 

Another thing was that I finally went to the AFA Cafe this year. Kaede in person was wayy taller and huger than I had expected XD Yutaki was pretty huge too, and the meidos were really cute and fluffy they make me feel like a man instead TUT And Shou dyed his hair purple, and was really polite :>

Btw, I went there with my new friend I made online, Jeanette and it was funny because when her favourite butler Ren came around, she was superr quiet and I was kicking her under the table. LOL 

I'm glad I went to the cafe because I made other new friends too. Like there was this girl Franna who was singing to the theme song of an anime I don't know that was playing and her friend Joey was drawing. And then me and Jeanette were spazzing about the hot butlers lol and we were all giving each other the judging face HAHAHA! And then I forgot how but we became friends lol! 

I ordered Katsu Curry because I was super hungry, so no sauce pouring service for me :(

Jeanette ordered Tofu Cake(?) I think that's what it was called haha! And Yutaki drew the sauce and it was so kawaii :Q

Cute Jeanette with her nekomimi get-up bought from one of the AFA stores! >///<

There was this genderbent Black Rock Shooter cosplayer who was queuing up for the cafe too haha see the fake abs he drew on? I thought it was real at first but no, sadly. XD

There was a free nail and makeup booth at one corner of the hall, and it was really cool seeing all that makeup stuff. I have never put on make up before though, so the fake lashes really made me uncomfortable so not long after that I went to the toilet to pluck it out haha!!

More cosplayer photos:

In case you didn't know, the last picture is a bunch of cosplayers cos-ing Haikyu!! And the manga is having an anime debut next year wheeee loves ^3^

I went for the Psycho Pass interview event as well, and when Shogo Makishima's face popped up everybody just went wild lol everybody loves him hahaha!! Too bad he died in the end :( But the good news is that during the interview, a second season of Psycho Pass has been confirmed (yay!).

Then there's the Creators Hub! Awesome place, it was so filled with original stuff I spent an hour going around and around looking at the stuff repeatedly.

Before I forget, There was this towering 1:1 scale Colossal Titan Head exhibit. Damn so cool >~<

I went back on the 3rd day but for only a few hours just to go to the AFA Cafe to pass Kaede my fanart of him(lol) and alsoto see all dem butlers and meidos again! However by the time I got there there was only the Ebi Curry set left. Turns out that the ebi was actually pretty good! 

Franna and Joey, who bought a wig there.

Joey's little sister came along~

And Xiaxue and Bong Qiu Qiu came down to support Miyake and Yutaki! Haha wanted to take a photo with Qiu Qiu too but was damn nervous lol!

So after the entire event, the staff were tearing everything down and so was I and Jeanette. We were like running around the area tearing down posters for ourselves hahaha!! And I ran into Kaede so I managed to take a selfie with him *fangirls*

But I'm not gonna show the photo, because it's only for my eyes MWAHAHAHA!!

Well I ran into him a couple of times while running around looking for posters and free stuff but I didn't want to give the impression of a stalker so I kept running away lol. Talk about being overly self-conscious.

Loots from AFA2013! More to come, my Haruka Nanase shirt is in the wash, I forgot to take a picture of my Nanimori Middle School Disciplinary Armband and also my Japanese School Bag hasn't yet arrived.

Large Vanguard bag with my tonfas sticking out XD

It's so filled with all sorts of stuff from the AFA XD

Everything packed into this carrier that one of the lady from the Creator Hubs booth gave me :D

Limited Edition Mamepanyu Stockings!


Look at all that namecards hahaha!!

Haruka Nanase and Matsuoka Rin badge from the Creators Hub!

Just one of the posters I tore down haha!

Hibari Kyouya Ez-link card sticker and SnK Doujin~

The free sticker that came along with the stockings, so kawaii ^A^

Hibari's tonfas which I'm too lazy to take out(haha)

KHR wallet!

Placed my polaroid of me and Kaede inside hahaha~

And lastly, this laminated picture thing of Kife/Shou hahahaha!!! From the cafe :3

Till then!

Monday, 16 September 2013

My Lovely Stockings and Squishy have Finally Arrived!!

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Exams are around the corner and I'm kinda bored just studying and doing work all day, but what do people expect? I mean youngsters should move about while they have energy HAHAHAHA.

So last night was the last night(oops) of the September holidays, which is REALLY sad, since now that it's Term 4 we have come to the period of mugging like shit because students being students have year end exams. Which awesomely sucks. Dammit. 

Well I just had to enjoy what little holiday I had left before that happens so I finally got to spend time with my mom, doing a facial mask and lying down beside each other without talking LOL.

But I'm not going to post a picture of any of that, mainly 'cause it's just too unglam ha!

Anyway, as usual, I have been blogshopping for random stuff again, though most of it is for the AFA. They has not arrived yet as of now QAQ. 

I bought a White Kapibarasan Bun Squishy, but I'm wondering if I should just sell it away cos impulse buys

Putting it on a Valvrave the Liberator file cuz floor tiles ain't that nice ~ 

Man it's so cute and all but every time I think about how I'm ever gonna use this foam makes me kinda sad that I paid much for a shaped sponge.

Recently I also bought some really cool bones stockings/tights from this really nice Carousell seller. I think she's into things Japan. Well me too!

I don't really know the brand but this is really cute. Kawaii. Whatever it's just cute blub.

The packaging looks kinda old but it's actually just been kept for some time whoops. Time to try it out.

Oh my looks kinda white here

Here the stockings are closer to original colour.

It's free sized, and the stockings actually makes my legs look skinnier yay! One thing I like about stockings/tights is that it covers up my legs which also covers up all those ugly scars and tan and whatnot.

Okay that's all for now, kinda just had nothing to do oops


p/s: I don't think I've showed you all the ice cream and snack hoodie yet but it's a damn flavorful lookin piece of cloth 


Well another squishy package that I had ordered around the same time as the Kapibarasan Bun arrived just only, and it makes me wonder why I spend so much on squishies once again. 

And then I realized it's because it's so cute ;-;

I bought the item off Carousell from a seller called Rainbowpastelxx, and she sent it to me wrapped with so much bubble wrap and she even gave me deco tape for free what a nice person

And after the bubble wrap is another plastic packaging. Taped together with kawaii Rilakkuma tape awwww my feels

And tadaaa! My Aoyama Tokyo Chocolate Melon Bread. It's so squishy :3

I'm thinking if I should sell off some of my squishies because I'm really spending too much urgh and there's a Café Sakura Creampuff on it's way here now. What to do when everything is so cute

Sunday, 15 September 2013

AFASG2013 is Coming Soon!

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3 cheers for the AFA!! It's finally almost here. ALMOST though. Who cares, gives me ample time to prepare myself for it. Prepare as in like pick out an outfit because girls being girls yes I'm pretty much a vain pot LOL

So anyway, this years' AFA will be taking place from 8-10 Nov 2013, Friday-Sunday(like last year, but last years' was from 9-11 Nov. I'm guessing they like weekends huh) and will be held at Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

Here's the link to the official website for Singapore:

The I ❤ Anisong Concert is on 8 and 9 November, and Valvrave Night is on the last day. All concerts start from 7:30pm and doors open at 6:30.

Guesssss what! A whole bunch of my favourite artistes are coming~ 

❤ Anisong Concert is featuring EGOIST, Hachioji P, livetune and motsu x DJ KAYA on Friday, Eir Aoi, LiSA and May'n on Saturday and Angela, Elisa and T.M. Revolution x Nana Mizuki on Sunday! YAYYYYY 


Hachioji P


motsu x DJ KAYA

Eir Aoi





T.M. Revolution x Nana Mizuki


Also another part of the AFA which I am REALLY looking forward to go to is the AFA Maid and Butler Cafè! 

Omgg like have you all heard of the new butler called Kaede? Like seriously megacutie ~ I think he was scouted at the Funan Anime Matsuri, and I can pretty much tell that he is SUCH A BIG HIT now among the girls. Correction, fangirls whoop whoop.

At first I though he was a girl, but he was actually a reallllly cute guy, and a realllly tall one at that! I heard he's really tall and towers over people(LOL) I hope he can come for AFASG2013 though! I so want to see him. He just created Instagram and Twitter, everybody should like go follow him it something :P His Instagram and Twitter username are the same, 

Oh, not to mention the other butlers are super hot too. Like Kife. Or Shin. Or Ren. Or Nao or Kenta or Takuya or Kyoichi. (Not in order of bias ness FYI)

From his twitter account, @H_Kife *^* (My apologies for taking your picture XD) 

Kife is like super funny. And hot hahaha (//@U@//) go watch and subscribe to his YouTube channel at "thekifeee" and also check out his blog at! 

Shin has a YouTube channel, "XINGTellsYou" so subscribe to him too! He's cool, and loves Étude House~ 

On the side note I was able to find online someone who was having a preorder for Tumblrish clothes~ 

There was a Ice-Cream and Snack Pullover Hoodie for like $25 only, Ombré Crop Tops and Paddlepop Hoodies and other clothes and shoes like HOMG happy much

Also today I went to Ngee Ann City for dinner at Tampopo, the food there was like so-so only, but the dessert was good enough! 

I had a 黒豚(Black Pig)Shabu Ramen, it tasted quite flavorful but not that spicy as mentioned, only tasted like spice :P The noodle was kinda hard which actually was pretty nice to chew on. What disappointed me was the egg though. The egg's taste was all good and salty but it was cold QAQ" Overall I think it's a little pricey but still okay lah (thumbs up)

I swear I practically binged at dinner. The ramen was so filling I thought I was gonna explode like some stretched out water balloon bomb. 

I ate cake anyway.

So this is what they called a "Scoop Cake". It tastes sweet, a bit strong kind of vanilla taste in the cake though. The cream was, I don't know because I'm not really into cream that much. But overall it's a good replacement for Bakerzin cakes.


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